Philanthropy (fi-lan-thruh-pee):

Altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement

Altruistic (al-troo-is-tik):

Unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others

We partner with long-term, sustainable nonprofits that change the world.

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About Best Grant Writing Services

Our clients are the reason for what we do:

The high value they provide is why we work hard to provide critical fundraising and philanthropic services.

Funds are vital to any nonprofit that wants to continue life-saving services.

So often this part of the operation is outside the strengths of even top leadership – or perhaps it’s an undesirable cost of doing the job, a necessary evil.

But fundraising doesn’t have to be an idea separate from the mission of a not-for-profit organization – something no one wants to do.

A culture of support is an essential part of the puzzle. Put simply, it’s a matter of matching money and mission – checks and social change – resources and restoration.

That culture of giving shouldn’t be left to one person. It should be part of the very fabric of everyday operations. 

Filling in the gaps between where we are and where we want to be.

Long-term, sustainable nonprofits that change the world is our product.

We can help you on the way to accomplishing your vision while we seek out the vision of our own:

Communities full of sustainable, healthy, vibrant organizations serving those people, places and creatures that need the most.

Our Story

Write On Fundraising was the vision of Lindsay Jordan, MNM, CFRE, in 2018, but it has grown into a national network of philanthropic advisers.

With more than $32 million raised between the team over the past 10 years, these fundraising professionals can provide critical fundraising and philanthropic services and support of talented development professionals.

Advocating for cultures of philanthropy while creating sustainable fundraising models is what gets us up in the morning – quickly addressing an organization’s most pressing funding issues, while developing a long-term plan for success.

Our Story Best Texas Grant Writing

Grant writing and campaign development services designed to create a culture of philanthropy.


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Get To Know Our Clients:

  • Arts Education For Girls
  • Arts And Culture Exposure For All
  • Care For The Environment
  • Locally Focused Nonprofits
  • International Organizations
  • Well-established, venerable organizations
  • New, Innovative Services
  • Workforce And Support Services For People With Developmental Disabilities

Decentralized fundraising

Transfer the authority, risk, and reward from one centralized source of power – typically the development or executive department – outward to your organization’s entire sphere of influence, until every staff member, board member, vendor, partner, and client understands the importance of fundraising and plays an active role in generating earned income.

Decentralized Fundraising is, in short, overcoming the institutional fears of fundraising; but it is not an overnight process. It requires thoughtful policy design on behalf of the board of directors, meaningful relationships between development and human resource functions, constant messaging and education, and expert research and evaluation.

sustainable fundraising

Sustainable Fundraising can be defined as fundraising that provides for the immediate funding (cash flow) of mission-critical programs, plans for future growth (revenue), and meets the unique philanthropic needs of a nonprofit’s key stakeholders.

All three requirements must be met in order for a fundraising program to be truly sustainable.  A grant that provides long-term revenue but no immediate cash flow for programming creates budget woes. Stakeholders that are not properly stewarded or receive inadequate communication will leave. Relying on a single cash-rich funding source inhibits a nonprofit’s view of future challenges and opportunities. One weak link in the chain can cause a cascade of miseries and trigger short-term solution cycles that are challenging to overcome.

Our mission is to ensure every staff member, board member, vendor, partner, and client understands the importance of fundraising and plays an active role in generating earned income for your organization.


Let’s change the world