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Grant Writing That Works

Write On Fundraising in Fayetteville believes in empowering your organization by providing expert level grant writing services that fuel your organization. 

We serve organizations of all sizes in Fayetteville with a wide array of grant writing assistance. From developing your organization’s very first Case for Support to drafting multi-million dollar government proposals. 

We know from in depth experience that an organization’s need for grant funding can vary greatly depending on the mission and the phase of growth that they are in.

A partnership with Write On Fundraising ensures that you have a higher success rate through strategic grant writing that is founded on research.

How Strategic Grant Writing Services Serve Your Mission:

We  help you accomplish your mission by offering grant writing services that not only address your current funding gaps but also help you lay the foundation for future growth. 

Strategic grants require intentional strategy that both addresses the philanthropic needs of your key stakeholders and clearly communicates your mission to grant providers.

Write On Fundraising was built on the belief of advocating for cultures of philanthropy.  We don’t just want to help you raise funds, we want to help you clarify your mission to donors of all kinds so that you can have the strategic partnerships you need to accomplish your mission.

Our mission is simple: Help you accomplish yours.

Strategic Grant Writing

founded in research

Write On Fundraising provides you with a team of experienced, expert level grant writers in Fayetteville who can significantly improve your chances of winning a grant.

Research based grant writing strengthens each proposal that we work on, increasing the chances of success.  

Research based requests help you communicate your mission in a clear way all while backing up your request with actionable data.

Whether you are new to the grant writing process, are not seeing the success you’d like with your grants or have too many grants that need to be written with too little time, Write On Fundraising can help.


Year after year, we’ve seen hundreds of organizations leave mission critical funding on the table due to a lack of strategic grant writing and lack of requests.

Write On Fundraising can help your organization match up with the right grant opportunities so that you don’t waste countless hours pursuing a path that will not provide you with the funding you need. 

We help nonprofit organizations obtain grants that resonate with their specific mission and help them request those funds in a strategic process that makes their organization a clear choice for grant funding. 

Don’t leave critical funding to chance.  We can help.

Write On Fundraising Grant Writing Services Include:

  • Grant writing for private foundations, corporations, and state and federal RFPs
  • Full design of a compelling Case for Support and supporting Case Statements
  • Prospect research, qualification, and list compilation, specific to your nonprofit’s greatest area of needs
  • Grant stewardship program development
  • Creation of annual Scope of Work, a timetable for submitting grants and providing adequate stewardship
  • Subject matter expert interviews and other necessary grant research
  • Meeting prep and donor scripting for face-to-face interactions with foundation representatives

Intentional Grant Writing Strategies That Secure Funding

Nonprofits without an intentional strategy to capture foundation, corporate, and government grants are leaving mission-critical funds on the table. WRITE ON FUNDRAISING offers an array of products designed to support organizations of any size – from developing an organization’s very first Case for Support to drafting multi-million government proposals. 

Giving USA reports in their Annual Report on Philanthropy that foundation giving increased by 3.5% to $59.28 billion in 2016. The report confirms the sixth consecutive year of growth for foundation giving, an area that has seen steady growth since 2011 when the sector bounced back from the declines realized after the Great Recession (2007-2009).

​The report also notes that giving by corporations increased by an estimated 3.5% in 2016 to $18.55 billion, and with recent changes to the tax code that significantly reduce the tax burden faced by many corporations, foundation gifts from businesses are expected to rise sharply in coming years. 

What this means for your organization:

Your partnership with Write On Fundraising for grant writing ensures that your best efforts a strategically matched up with the best possible opportunities. 

No more wasting time and hoping for success. 

Write On Fundraising grant writing services help you step boldly into the future and accomplish your mission.

Short term and sustainable long term grant writing success.

That’s the power of a partnership with Write On Fundraising.

In accordance with the Association of Fundraising Professionals Code of Ethical Standards, WRITE ON FUNDRAISING never accepts commission or compensation that includes a percentage of funds raised. Rather, WRITE ON FUNDRAISING offers competitive hourly and project rates with nonprofit budgets in mind.


Let’s fuel your mission