Cultivate the relationships that will propel your fundraising success.

How many of your supporters are also donors? How frequently do you say “thank you” beyond a tax letter or gift receipt? If we asked your donors today to name one of your greatest recent accomplishments, could they do it? If you’re unsure of the answers to these questions, then your donor communication – the heart and soul of your fundraising program – may be costing you donor relationships (and gifts).

What is Donor Communication? 

Donor Communication cultivates relationships and affinity through targeted, donor-centric communication strategies. It is not “point, post, and share” communications. By creating opportunities for two-way engagement, Donor Communication can help you learn who your donors are and what they need from your nonprofit.

Write On Fundraising focuses our Donor Communication on five BASIC principles:

  1. Build awareness
  2. Advance knowledge
  3. Sustain relevance
  4. Initiate action
  5. Champion advocacy

We work with our clients to identify where on the spectrum of engagement a nonprofit’s supporters currently reside and then employ a number of intentional, innovative strategies to convert supporters into donors and advocates.

Why do you need Donor Communication? 

Donor Communication is frequently undervalued by many nonprofit organizations, even though it is a powerful tool in acquiring new supporters, converting supporters to donors, and stewarding existing donor relationships.

In order for a donor to make a gift, they must have three ingredients – an affinity toward the organization, the capacity to make a gift, and the inclination to do so. While your communication strategy may not be able to influence a supporter’s ability to make a gift, it most certainly can increase feelings of trust, relevance, and urgency toward your cause.

Blanket or mass messaging makes assumptions about what your supporters and donors need and hampers your ability to foster meaningful relationships. Targeted Donor Communication, conversely, let’s your constituents know you’re listening, responding, and inviting them to connect.

How Write On Fundraising can help

Communicating effectively with your donors can mean the difference between maintaining (or launching) a social media presence and actually raising funds online. Constituents who feel seen and heard are more likely to interact with your organization’s mission, becoming the most incredible advocates for your cause.

Write On Fundraising offers several Donor Communication packages, each tailored to a specific audience size to ensure your nonprofit has the support it needs. Let our team lead your Donor Communication by creating strategies and content that inspire giving and longevity.

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