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some things in life are free write on fundraising

Every seasoned nonprofit veteran knows that even in the best of times, we get by with a little help from our friends.

I personally carve out time every Monday morning to read through the many trade materials I receive, and sit in on at least one webinar every month! Even in areas I know well, I find inspiration in connecting with peers, learning from their experiences, and gaining new insights into an ever-changing field.

I’m thrilled to share with you below my personal five favorite FREE fundraising resources. Please feel free to share your personal favorites in the comments!

1. Nonprofit Tech for Good
These weekly newsletters easily win the award for “Lindsay’s Most Forwarded Email.” Kudos to the brainpower behind this beefy nonprofit resource and collection of links, webinars, and articles of interest for nonprofit and fundraising pros.

2. The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Okay, so this one is only partially free. The Chronicle of Philanthropy, imo, is the go-to source for relevant nonprofit news, and has an expansive archive of fundraising tools, articles, studies, interviews… just about everything a growing fundraiser needs. You can pick up some valuable information in the free version, but the real goods are in the subscription – $86/one year.

3. Association of Fundraising Professionals
While this website is not the most user-friendly in the world, the Association of Fundraising Professionals clearly knows their stuff and has provided it to the masses for free. This site is chalk-full of best practices, sample forms, and nonprofit news… if you don’t mind weeding through the racks.

​4. Businesses trying to win your business
This may sound a little strange, but it’s true. Many heavy-hitters in the field – BlackbaudClassy, Bloomerang, etc – offer some really great free webinars. Yes, they are slanted to try to sell you a product. But their trainings are also teeming with best practices, updated study results, and nearly real-time changes in the field. Take advantage of these.

5. When You Work At a Nonprofit
Sometimes we all need a good laugh. While many nonprofit blogs and sites have now tapped into the sometimes hilarious and crying-not-crying moments of working in the nonprofit sector, this simple Tumblr compilation of everything we’ve all ever felt at work is still one of my favorites…


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