Write On’s consulting services are custom-built for nonprofit organizations with complex fundraising and operational needs. Whether you are struggling to get your individual giving program off the ground, want to better engage your board of directors in fundraising, or simply want to win more major gifts for your organization, Write On has you covered.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for fund development, so why do we see so many organizations doing the same things over and over again (ahem… special events), never quite getting the results they want? Write On specializes in research and data analysis that will help you determine the unique fundraising activities that will have the highest return on investment and align with your mission, vision, and donor interests.

And unlike other consulting firms, we don’t just tell you “how” to fundraise and walk away. Fundraising is our passion! We walk alongside your organization to provide whatever level of support is needed – from launching new fundraisers and securing donations to coaching your staff and advising as needed. We are the “Mary Poppins of fundraising,” as one co-worker puts it (don’t sue us, Disney, because it’s true).


Write On consulting services are broken down into a few key areas: fundraising, training and coaching, communication, and operations.

Fundraising consulting services typically include direct solicitation support (aka – we do the fundraising) and include:

  • Individual giving programs – These activities are designed to generate cash gifts from individual donors and are collectively referred to as the Annual Fund.
  • Major gift programs – Relationship-focused fundraising that targets individual gifts of $10,000+ is known as major gift fundraising.
  • Special event support – Write On is not an event-planning company, but we do consult on special events to grow new revenue and build strong volunteer committees.
  • Corporate sponsorship programs – Nonprofits that have targeted corporate gifts for programs and events can lean on Write On for both campaign builds and solicitation support.
  • Interim director of development – Searching for your next director but need to “keep the wheels on the bus” in the interim? Write On’s interim director of development program is designed to maintain your revenue and relationships so that you can focus on making a good next hire.

Training and coaching consulting services leverage the expertise of our talented and highly credentialed staff to help nonprofits acquire new skills and fill gaps specific to fundraising and include:

  • Board training – From breaking down fundraising fears to advanced “making the ask” sessions, Write On’s custom and engaging board fundraising trainings will inspire and motivate your board members to raise money for your organization.
  • Staff training – Building a culture of philanthropy is a whole-team effort. In our staff fundraising trainings, we focus on your nonprofit’s specific needs as well as best practices in culture-building.
  • Custom coaching – Need to brush up on your donor cultivation skills? Have an awesome new hire without much fundraising experience in one certain area? Write On’s experienced curriculum-builders will design a coaching track specific to your needs and provide weekly support, training, and accountability to help you (and your team) become a better fundraiser.

Donor communication consulting services help nonprofits navigate special circumstances and include:

  • Crisis communication – An unhappy donor can sometimes send a ripple through your constituency. Crisis donor communications with Write On work to repair fractured relationships and keep your reputation intact.
  • Data services – Write On’s data services team specializes in data migration (like for a new CRM), cleaning, and warehousing; visual and statistical analysis; and data training for nonprofits.

Operational consulting is particularly helpful for start-up nonprofits or those experiencing a great deal of change and includes:

  • Logic Model Builds – The logic model is a standard program development tool that helps donors understand how your program will make an impact. It is particularly helpful in fundraising as it focuses on outcomes.
  • Logic Canvas© Builds – The Logic Canvas© was created by Write On as a business planning tool specifically to assist nonprofits in addressing large or complex operational challenges.
  • Budget Creation – Not all budgets are created equal… or well, for that matter. If you have budget planning issues, we can help.
  • Bylaws, Policies, and Procedures – Write On is well-versed in drafting and updating bylaws for a diverse client base, as well as drafting and establishing a wide array of policies and procedures to support strong organizational infrastructures.

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