Strengthening the strengths of your nonprofit board for fundraising success

Board meeting productivity

If you have ever spent time in a board meeting, you will understand that sometimes, these meetings are not the most productive. 

Also, under this section, please move Better Board Meeting Productivity to the very first spot. This is like everyone’s #1 complaint. And we need a bit more copy about what makes a board meeting run well.
– Our PRIMARY focus on boards is getting them fundraising ready. There is quite a bit of copy that I feel is too heavy into governance. Other people do that. We fundraise. Absolutely everything we do is in support of optimal donor cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship. The board work we do is to get them ready for their very important role in winning that funding.
Please add content about WOF doesn’t provide typical board services.  Everything we do for boards is about maximizing revenue.


Write On Fundraising Board Development

The Benefits of Nonprofit Board Development

Board development services are beneficial to the individuals as well as the organization. There are many different types of board development programs that cover an extensive range of topics and skills.

Better Protection For Your Organization

By empowering your non-profit board members with up to date information and relevant knowledge about the things they can and cannot do, along with helping them understand what they should and shouldn’t say, you get better legal protection for your organization. When your board members understand what they are liable for, this can also help to prevent unnecessary liability issues for themselves and your non-profit.

Instill Innovativeness and Creativity

When a board member is taken away from their usual place of business and provided with an opportunity to look at things from a different perspective, this can help to spark new ideas and provides individuals with the chance to think of creative ways to solve current challenges. When members attend these sessions with other like-minded individuals from different organizations, sharing best practices and brainstorming often leads to new realizations and a different perspective. 

How Write On Fundraising Can Help You

Our missions is simple; to help you achieve yours.

There are many different types of training courses for board development, the options are almost endless. However, Write On Fundraising focuses specifically on those areas where the board can help bring in new revenue.

  • Board Giving
  • Strategic Recruitment
  • Retaining Board Talent
  • Engaging The Full Board
  • Capital Campaign Preparation
  • Fundraising & Finance

why choose write on fundraising?

When you partner with Write On Fundraising, you instantly benefit from over a decade spent helping nonprofits to plan and deliver upon their fundraising goals. 

We take the time to understand your organization and everything we do is customized to your organization and its objectives.

As individuals and as a company, we are driven by a passion for helping you succeed. 


In the past decade alone, we have helped organizations just like yours to raise a combined figure that exceeds 75 million. Join us today, get in touch, and let’s take on this challenge together!