Capital campaigns at write on

Like everything else we do, Write On approaches capital campaigns a little differently than others. Most campaigns happen in three phases; our campaigns happen in four, and the first phase is far more in-depth and comprehensive than those of our competitors. Typically, a Write On capital campaign includes:

The Planning Phase:

This is hands-down the most important phase of the campaign. In addition to drafting an iconic, custom case for support (marketing language for the campaign), the planning phase is where Write On begins to develop core volunteer leadership for the campaign, conducts the critical donor feasibility study, trains and coaches staff, board, and volunteers, and sets up all the dominos that will be knocked down in the private and public fundraising phases. For some nonprofits, a solid planning phase is all they need to execute the rest of the campaign on their own. Others choose to have Write On take an active role in soliciting gifts and reaching the fundraising goal. No matter the size or scope of your campaign, Write On is the best choice for comprehensive fundraising support.

The Quiet (or Private) Phase:

The quiet or private phase of the campaign is where 70-90% of the campaign goal is typically raised from “leadership” or top donors. There are fewer gifts acquired in this phase, but they are worth the very most. These donor relationships must be carefully cultivated and the order and cadence in which donors are approached are of vital importance. This is where Write On’s experienced staff and deep bench serve as a distinct fundraising advantage. The quiet phase can last from 12 months to three years, depending on the size of the campaign and depth of the organization’s existing giving programs.

The Public Phase: 

At Write On, we consider the public phase your “victory lap!” With just 10-30% of the campaign goal remaining, the public phase is actually what most people think of when they imagine a capital campaign. Public groundbreaking events, celebrations, speeches, and smiling faces mark the end of what is sure to be a great success. But the work isn’t over just yet. Write On carefully stewards our clients through this exciting and busy phase to ensure that the finish line is crossed and that donors, volunteers, and community members feel a sense of pride and ownership in the success of the organization.

Annual Fund Transition Phase: 

A capital campaign creates an incredible pipeline for new donor acquisition, significantly increases organizational awareness, and introduces new leadership volunteers and donors to your worthy cause. But without a plan to direct that energy and momentum back to existing fundraising programs, nonprofits run the risk of having all that excitement just fizzle out. Write On works with our clients to intentionally and strategically transition each capital campaign donor into the organization’s existing programs, empowering nonprofits to continue to steward and grow their relationships with these important new friends.