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Fundraising Campaign Development

Write On Fundraising believes in empowering your organization by providing expert level fundraising campaign development services that can help you with both short term and long term fundraising initiatives.

We serve organizations of all sizes with fundraising campaign development for every stage of your organization’s growth. From developing your organizational messaging to drafting multi-million dollar government proposals. 

With over a decade of experience, you can trust our team to help you with custom fundraising campaign development solutions for your specific donor base.

A partnership with Write On Fundraising ensures that you have a higher success rate with fundraising campaign development that is rooted in research.

How Fundraising Campaign Development Serves Your Mission:

Write On Fundraising  helps you accomplish your mission by walking your through a unique and detailed fundraising campaign development process that resonates with your mission.

Fundraising campaign development with our team ensures each campaign is in alignment with both your short term and long term goals.

Write On Fundraising was built on the belief of advocating for cultures of philanthropy.  Fostering this culture of philanthropy is built right into our fundraising campaign development process. 

Our research based process ensures that your messaging gets to the right people and that you are able to build partnerships that go beyond the life of your campaign.

Write On Fundraising’s mission is simple: Help you accomplish yours.

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Fundraising Campaign Development That Makes A Difference

research based development

Write On Fundraising provides you with a team of experienced, expert level campaign development specialist who have in-depth knowledge regarding every aspect of nonprofit fundraising.

Research based grant writing strengthens each proposal that we work on, increasing the chances of success.  

Research is a major part of our fundraising campaign development process. We’ll help you know for certain that your campaign not only resonates with your community but help you craft the right messaging to ensure a more meaningful impact is made.

With a research-based campaign approach, your nonprofit will be better equipped to launch and successfully complete your campaign.  A partnership with Write On Fundraising gives your campaign a solid foundation to launch from.

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Our team ensures that your campaign aspirations line up correctly with your community, including key stakeholders, and the mission you want to accomplish.

We’ll help you set goals that are both attainable and sustainable.  We drill down on each specific goal based on feedback during our research process to ensure that you can execute successful marketing around your goals.

We believe that feasibility studies build successful fundraising campaigns. By leveraging stronger relationships with key stakeholders, you not only garner their support, you turn them into promoters for your mission.

Our team will walk you through every step of the strategic development process that we’ve used to help nonprofits just like yours secure millions in mission critical funding.

Write On Fundraising Campaign Development Services Include:

  • Annual donor society development
  • Annual fund development
  • Capital fundraising
  • Cause marketing
  • Crowdfunding
  • Direct mail
  • End-of-year fundraising
  • Endowment
  • #GivingTuesday
  • Grant funding
  • Intermediate gifts program
  • Legacy program (planned or deferred giving)
  • Live web fundraising (YouTube, web-cast, live-stream etc)
  • Major gifts program
  • Membership program
  • Mobile giving
  • Monthly giving society
  • Multimedia fundraising
  • Online campaigning
  • Peer-2-peer fundraising
  • PhilanthroPLAY (auctions, raffles, pulls)
  • Planned giving society
  • Scholarship funds
  • Special events
  • Special occasion fundraising
  • Supporting gifts program
  • Telethons
  • Third party events

Fundraising Campaigns That Resonate With Your Mission

There are two primary types of fundraising: transactional and relational. Transactional fundraising relies on a good or service in exchange for a donation, such as an event sponsorship, raffle ticket, or a service. 

Relational or relationship-based fundraising focuses not an item or event at all, but rather the relationship between a potential donor and a nonprofit and its services.

While there are many differences between transactional and relational fundraising, time tends to be the primary indicator for which vehicles or fundraising activities a nonprofit will choose. 

For example, special events take months; major gifts take years. Therefore, most nonprofits host fundraising events; few hire major gifts officers.

However, an over-reliance on short-term, transactional fundraising can stagnate a nonprofit’s ability to grow and respond to changing markets or to pursue new opportunities.

How can a nonprofit use both transactional and relational fundraising to accomplish sustainability in development?

Write On Fundraising campaign development services take a deep dive into both the qualitative and quantitative data of a nonprofit to determine an organization’s strengths and weaknesses, identify funding gaps and opportunities, offer board and staff greater insight and confidence into the organization’s financial management and their own fundraising roles.

We provide critical information that can be used to shape the organization’s future fundraising activities, financial goals, and programs. 


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