Interim Development Staffing

Interim Development staffing needs of nonprofits with quality people that bring value and experience

If a member of your non-profit team decides to leave and you have a vacancy, interim developing staff solutions can provide you with instant access to the expertise you need to make sure your organization can continue to thrive in their absence.

At Write on Fundraising, we partner with our clients, working together to help fill any gaps in your organization between a person’s departure and the arrival of your new recruit. If your non-profit is facing a peak period of activity and hiring a long-term member of the team isn’t viable, we can step in and help to ease the workload during these busy times too.

As a business, we have extensive experience in all varieties of fundraising roles. We provide affordable, flexible interim development staff services that add real value to your organization.


The Benefits of Interim Staffing for NonProfits

For many non-profits, interim development staffing can provide the flexibility, affordability, and expertise needed to help drive campaign efforts and deliver results. It is often quicker and less time-consuming to contract with an external provider of interim development staffing than recruiting, training, and onboarding individuals directly too.

Interim Leadership Services

If your development director is unable to continue in their role, whether for a short-time or a sustained period, finding a replacement can take time, which is a luxury that many non-profits just don’t have. If you in a busy period or a critical point in a capital campaign, for instance, the impact of their absence can really hit your organization and its team quite hard.

Hiring an interim development consultant can instantly give you an experienced pair of hands that can keep your fundraising efforts on track by delivering essential guidance and leadership to your board and your team. Because interim development staffing gives you an immediate solution, you can take the time you need to make sure you hire the right person, without feeling compelled to hire with haste.

Strategic and Annual Fund Planning for Non-Profits

Both the strategic planning and annual fund planning for a non-profit can be time-consuming tasks. Yet, they are essential for the continued success of the organization. An interim development consultancy service, such as which is offered by Write On Fundraising, can take the pressure off the existing board by helping to facilitate this process. To complete any of these mission-critical tasks, there is a range of activities that need to take place to gather the information needed. For instance, surveys, interviews, data collection, market research, statistical analysis, and more.

Interim staffing support for your non-profit can help with these elements, and alleviate the groundwork that often takes a considerable amount of time away from your key organization members. With Write On Fundraisings range of services, we can take on as much or as little of the requirement as needed, and help relieve the pressures being placed on your organization when time or manpower is a concern.

fundraising policy development meeting

If you need interim nonprofit staffing for your organization, talk with a member of our team today about how we can help you.

Interim Development Staffing for Non-Profit Events

If your non-profit is hosting an event, whether it be a community fundraising drive, a large-scale gala, and dinner, these can present you with an immediate need for additional staffing needs. Interim development staffing will present you with an immediate solution for your organizational giving you access to professionals who can represent your cause and steward your donors and supporters professionally and compellingly.

If you are in the planning stages and need expert assistance to help you plan and manage the logistics and event products, then an interim development consultant can offer you the expertise needed to allow you and your team the opportunity to focus on serving the needs of your donors internally.

Interim Development Staffing for Direct Response Campaigns

If you are planning a direct response for your non-profit, then hiring an interim development consulting services can give you immediate access to the skills and experience needed to help you craft a winning campaign. If you need assistance to help manage responses, then hiring short-term assistance to help you manage the additional workload can ensure you get the best results and that your donor’s needs and queries are handled professionally and efficiently.

Why should you hire interim staff for your non-profit?

There is a lot to be gained from using interim staffing services for your organization.

  • Instant access to an experienced member of staff – virtually no training time needed
  • The ability to continue as planned with fundraising activities and events
  • A flexible, affordable, transparent staffing service
  • Reduces the impact of absence on your non-profit, ensuring donors needs are always met
  • Relieve pressure on the existing team during busy periods – helping avoid burnout


Whether your organization needs access to interim development staffing services urgently or perhaps you are planning for a future requirement, we can discuss the support services we provide with you and provide you with a range of solutions to meet both your short and long-term needs.

We are always happy to help answer your questions and help you in any way we can.