Our Top 5 Favorite Grant Writing Tools

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Our Top 5 Favorite Grant Writing Tools

With a team full of grants professionals and many years of experience, you could say that grant writing is our thing. Our team works day in and day out to provide nonprofits with the best opportunities to win grants, meaning it is their whole job to ensure proposals are written with appeal and accuracy. To be able to produce high quality and quantity, we’ve learned to work smarter, not harder. 

However, we know that many nonprofits do not have the luxury of a dedicated team producing grant work for them. To give you a peek into how your development department can up its grant game, we asked our team of writers to rank their top 5 favorite grant writing tools. At Write On, we use each of these tools daily and sing their praises often. Without further ado, here are our picks. 

5 – Grammarly

Kicking off the list at #5 is Grammarly, an automated grammar checker. This tool is utilized by many Write On team members on a daily basis as an extension to their web browser. Grammarly catches the errors that you might’ve missed, and it even lets you know when your writing is confusing. 

4 – Google Scholar

Good writing begins with solid research. When asked about his favorite grant writing tools, Communications Specialist, Michael Hershorn, stated that Google Scholar was one of the best tools to use when writing for evidence-based practices, as well as identifying the national and local need for such practices. Google Scholar is a search engine for scholarly articles. Just type in a topic and it spits out links to the relevant research. 

3 – Asana

As an ever-growing team, Asana allows us to clearly track progress on various grants and keep tabs on who should be working on each project. Each writer is notified when one stage of the grant process has been completed, allowing them to quickly start on their own piece of the process. Asana is also quite user friendly, making collaboration across any size team a breeze. 

2 – File Sharing Software

Working as a team on the same documents at the same time is incredibly important at Write On. Software like OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive allow us to work collaboratively without the worry of constantly emailing updated files back and forth. These systems provide easy-to-use folders where you can store documents like grant proposals and attachments, while keeping the histories of each of these documents in case of an accidental backspace. 

1 –  Foundation Directory Online

Coming in at #1 is Foundation Directory Online. This extensive database is filled with helpful foundation information ranging from board lists to recently funded nonprofits, favorite causes to support and much more. This tool can be quite pricy, but oftentimes you can find free access at your local library. 

When asked why it was a favorite, grant writer Jennifer Dube said “Relationship building requires intelligence to ask and answer the right questions. Earning funding requires relationship building. FDO allows for grantsmanship – turning foundations into funders. It is worth the investment, a priceless tool.”  

If you write grants, try out a few of these tools. We think they’ll make your life a little easier. Unsure of where to even start with grants? We can help! Contact us today to learn more about our grant writing services OR check out our “Writing Winning Grant Applications” Fundraising Masterclass online today!


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