Providing Nonprofit Services Amidst a Pandemic

From nonprofits that are fighting to end racism to organizations that encourage mobility through bicycling, the Write on Fundraising team is fortunate to work alongside some incredible nonprofits.
providing nonprofit services amidst pandemic write on fundraising

Rally Point Participants Impact Tulsa with Innovative Programs

From nonprofits that are fighting to end racism to organizations that encourage mobility through bicycling, the Write on Fundraising team is fortunate to work alongside some incredible nonprofits.

Many of these organizations have been responding to COVID-19 in creative ways to ensure services are still provided, proving to be resilient advocates in Tulsa. A few of these organizations are;

  • Rally Point participants Gaining Ground
  • Rerun Medical Equipment
  • Brain Injury Recovery Foundation
  • Permanent Diaper Aid
  • STEAM Engine

Gaining Ground

gaining ground literacy nonprofit oklahoma 1
gaining ground literacy nonprofit oklahoma 1

A literacy intervention nonprofit, Gaining Ground, has partnered with the George Kaiser Family Foundation to create contact-free delivery of hand-picked book bundles for Tulsa students.

Gaining Ground?s mission is to provide students with access to high-interest books and literacy support throughout the summer months to prevent summer slide.

Typically, the organization drives throughout Tulsa neighborhoods in their cheery, colorful school bus, bringing books and snacks to children.

However, due to social distancing, the organization quickly adapted to ensure children served would still have access to reading material. Fox 23 interviewed Gaining Ground this week on their innovative approach to promoting literacy. 

ReRun Medical Equipment

rerun medical equipment oklahoma nonprofit logo 1

ReRun Medical Equipment provides medical equipment and accessories to those in need for little-to-no cost.

The organization, founded in October 2019, has already gained media attention for its services.

An interview with Fox 23 highlighted the importance of ReRun to individuals who are in dire need of medical equipment but face major costs in acquiring necessary devices.

Now more than ever, the need for medical equipment has been made clear. Donations can be arranged via their website

Brain Injury Recovery Foundation 

tulsa nonprofit brain injury recovery foundation logo 1

This March, Tulsa lit up green in observance of Brain Injury Awareness month. Brain Injury Recovery Foundation kicked off the month with a laser party and DJ at the Center of the Universe, while business across Tulsa began to light their storefronts green.

In response to COVID-19, Brain Injury Recovery Foundation founders Kim Hann and Chris Lieberman are delivering meals to nurses and doctors at St. John?s ICU. 

Permanent Diaper Aid

cheeky things tulsa oklahoma nonprofit for children

A developing nonprofit program of Cheeky Things, a local cloth diaper service, Permanent Diaper Aid provides cloth diapers and laundry services to families in need.

. Maddy Martin, the founder, is a current philanthrOK: Rally Point participant and is passionate about diapering babies with the healthiest, most sustainable products available.

Since COVID-19 began, her organization has been able to provide permanent diaper supplies to more than 40 families. Tulsa People recently interviewed Maddy about her journey with Cheeky Things; the interview can be found here

STEAM Engine

steam engine okc school nonprofit tulsa oklahoma

After having to cancel a career fair due to COVID-19, current philanthrOK: Rally Point participant The STEAM Engine has announced that they will be hosting a Digital Career Fair for K-12 students in Oklahoma City.

The event will consist of videos from STEM professionals discussing their careers, as well as supplemental content like workshops, STEAM challenges, and other career-related activities.

In addition to the Digital Career Fair, The Steam Engine has also published ?busy bin? activities to engage students in STEAM while away from school that can be found on their Facebook

Each of these organizations is doing amazing things, even amidst a pandemic.

The Write On team is proud to support these and other change makers and thought-leaders.

The next cohort of Rally Point will begin accepting new members in May for the summer session!

Learn four things your nonprofit should be doing in 2021.

Email Laura Orwig at laura@writeonfundraising.com to receive notice when registration goes live. 


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