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The Nonprofit Foundry is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that seeks to advance the scope and impact of the nonprofit sector through social entrepreneurialism, fundraising education, and philanthropy in collaboration with Write On Fundraising, LLC.

Pathways to Philanthropy Apprenticeship

The Pathways to Philanthropy Apprenticeship seeks to provide a direct point of entry to professional philanthropy for people of color through paid, on-the-job grant writer training, mentorship, and donor network-building.

The two-year apprenticeship is designed specifically for entry-level applicants with less than 12 months of fundraising experience and targets the primary barriers to entering the field for people of color: hard skills, sphere of influence, and support system.

Pathways to Philanthropy – Year One

In the first year of the program, apprentices will develop the core competencies of effective grant writing as they progress to actively write and submit grants for Write On clients.

Competencies include:

  • Voice and style best practices
  • Developing the Case for Support and Case Statements
  • Logic modeling
  • Project management
  • Donor cultivation
  • Stewardship standards
  • Donor research and prospecting
  • Team collaboration

Pathways to Philanthropy – Year Two

In the second year of the program, apprentices will enjoy greater autonomy in grant writing as the training focus transitions to developing a personal network of influence and wealth.

Participants will learn how to effectively network, “friendraise,” and establish meaningful, long-term relationships with donors and community leaders.

Throughout the program, apprentices will be placed with experienced fundraising mentors – all people of color – who provide encouragement, guidance, and support.

The structured mentorships, like all other facets of the program, include specific metrics for success that ensure the relationships grow and deepen over time, and are truly a benefit and resource for apprentices as they navigate the challenges of their new career field.

Continued Employment
In addition to building a pipeline of diverse and talented fundraisers for the nonprofit sector, the Pathways to Philanthropy program also serves as a segway to grant writing positions on our own team.

Upon graduation, each apprentice will be eligible for hire as a Write On contract grant writer, increased hourly pay, and financial incentives.

Eligibility & Terms
Applications for Pathways to Philanthropy are accepted once per year.

The number of apprenticeships available varies based on the number of participants graduating from the program and open positions on the Write On team.

At least one new apprentice will be accepted per cycle.

Applicants must have less than 12 months of paid, professional fundraising experience (including grant writing, special event planning, data administration, etc) and identify as a racial or ethnic minority.

Strong writing skills are required and a demonstrated commitment to philanthropy and/or volunteerism is a plus.

Apprentices are paid an hourly rate of $15/hr and are expected to work remotely 10-20 hours per week.

While this schedule is largely flexible, apprentices must be available during normal business hours for training sessions, team meetings, and mentor check-ins and have access to a computer with webcam and high-speed internet.

If you’re interested in learning more, send us an email.