For convicted felons, there’s Grace in the Garden

Landrum-Ellis launched a local scratch kitchen that ?employs women from the Oklahoma justice system, providing job training, and economic empowerment,.
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Oklahoma ranks #1 in the United States for female incarceration and 85% of those women are mothers. Angela Landrum-Ellis, founder of Sugar Rush Bakery and Le Jardin restaurant in Bixby, Okla. identifies with the isolation and destabilization that many formerly incarcerated women feel when trying to re-enter their communities.

“It’s incredibly difficult for a woman who basically has a red X on her chest when she is released from prison to provide for herself and her family,” said Landrum-Ellis. After an unplanned teen pregnancy derailed her plans for college, Landrum-Ellis experienced similar financial and cultural backlash. Three years later, she was able to continue with her education, earning a bachelor’s and then master’s degrees, but not without what she considers “a considerable amount of grace.”

Today, she’s paying that grace forward. Last summer, Landrum-Ellis launched the follow-up to her popular bakery with Le Jardin (French for “the garden”), a local scratch kitchen that “employs women from the Oklahoma justice system, providing job training, economic empowerment, and opportunities for success.”

Le Jardin works to stabilize families, strengthen communities, and prevent recidivism and secondary incarceration, all while nourishing the body and nurturing the soul. Their end-of-year campaign, Grace in the Garden, is the organization’s first formal fundraising campaign.
“We are excited to launch our annual fund with this campaign, and invite people to visit the restaurant, talk to the women we employ, and experience the incredible impact their donations are making,” said Landrum-Ellis, “all while enjoying an incredible meal, of course.”

With an initial goal of $50,000, Le Jardin invites online gifts through their website at www.lejardinbixby.com or in person at 12345 S. Memorial Dr. in Bixby, Okla. Reservations are now being accepted for holiday parties, business meetings, and events. Contact 918-730-1616 to book your event.


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