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Do you struggle to win grant funding from private foundations, corporations, or federal and state governments? Need help finding new grant opportunities? Have trouble making time to cultivate relationships with foundations?

Write On Fundraising can help.

Our approach to growing grant revenue has already helped countless organizations launch new programming, increase visibility, and sustain meaningful relationships with key donors.

How Write On Fundraising Can Help You

Write On Fundraising is successful at winning grant funds because we work behind the scenes to champion your cause, increase the visibility of your mission and team, and facilitate deep and meaningful relationships with donors and key stakeholders. If we do our job well, the donor actually never knows we exist.

Complicated graphs and expertly crafted narrative don’t win grants – relationships do.

From day one, Write On endeavors to tell nonprofit stories in a way that inspires affinity for the work of the organization, invites investment, and solidifies a bond between the nonprofit and the donor. This includes:

  • Development of a custom Case for Support, the primary fundraising language and visuals used to approach new and existing donors
  • A custom grants calendar of qualified opportunities, meaning opportunities that have been individually vetted as an ideal fit for your organization (no data dumps here)
  • Monthly cultivation training and coaching, ensuring that you have the support needed to establish and maintain meaningful, long-term relationships with donors
  • We provide transparent reporting and project management tools that empower your team to quickly confirm the health and vitality of your grants program and provide up-to-date information to the board of directors

With more than $75 billion* on the table every year in private foundation gifts (and even more from corporations and government sources), there has never been a better time to establish or grow a grants program. Let Write On help position your nonprofit as an agency of choice to these donors and grow your capacity to accomplish more mission.

*According to Giving USA’s 2020 Annual Report, private foundation giving in 2019 totaled $75.69 billion, marking the 10th consecutive year of growth since the Great Recession.

What Our Clients Have to Say

What are the benefits of using a grant writing service?

We’re asked pretty frequently why someone would hire Write On for grants instead of utilizing an in-house grant writer. Our answer is simple: we would never tell you to do that! The purpose of partnering with Write On (for any type of fundraising) is to build the capacity to grow your organization. #hireallthenonprofitstaff

Write On’s grant writing services are designed to build new programs, expand existing programs, or troubleshoot programs that may have been previously mismanaged. This means there are some nonprofits that could really benefit from having a company to steward their program, and there are some that don’t need us at all.

Here are a few scenarios where Write On can be most helpful:

  • There is no staff dedicated solely to grant writing, and the person doing it now really doesn’t really have the bandwidth to maintain or grow the number of grants submitted.
  • The nonprofit with no grants program would like to hire an in-house writer, but they aren’t really sure what tools, resources, and expertise will be needed to build a program from scratch.
  • The organization is winning grants, but not necessarily growing them. The same funders give the same amounts every year, and more funding is needed for the organization to grow.
  • Something has happened along the way that has caused the grant program to falter. Donor relationships are not as strong as they once were and a bit of damage control may be needed to get the program back on track and winning funds.
  • An exciting funding opportunity has presented itself, but no one on staff has the capacity to focus on it and the organization does not want the opportunity to slip by.

Working with the Write On team has a number of benefits, including having the support of an entire team of fundraising professionals dedicated to the success of your program (typically for less than the cost of a single full-time in-house grant writer). However, we know not everyone needs professional help. Those who do are served well by our company’s equitable fundraising approach and philosophies that champion high-impact nonprofits and propel sustainable revenue.


Whether you have a development team in place that needs grant writing support or plan to launch a brand-new grants program, Write On is standing by to help you win more funding.

We are always happy to help answer your questions and help in any way we can.

Jonathan Weber Mendez Headshot

Jonathan Weber-Mendez

Jonathan Weber-Mendez is a nonprofit fundraising professional with a Master’s in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management. Since 2018, Jonathan has served Write On Fundraising in multiple capacities working with both our nonprofit partners and staff to fulfill the company’s mission. As Director of Mission Impact, Jonathan helps equip staff with the education and resources needed to provide equity and compassion to philanthropy.

Prior to joining Write On Fundraising, Jonathan served as a staff grant writer for YWCA Tulsa and then Folds of Honor. Jonathan began his career of service in the United States Army where he deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom before working in the nonprofit sector.

Melody Timinsky Headshot circle

Melody Timinsky

Melody is a skilled fundraiser and strategic leader with areas of expertise in social impact, donor development, and grant evaluation and management. Prior to joining Write On Fundraising as Director of Grant Services, Melody worked as a corporate consultant for Tyson, was the Vice President of Community Impact at the United Way of Northwest Arkansas, and served in a variety of leadership roles throughout the community.

Melody has an extensive background in the corporate sector, having strategized and led philanthropic initiatives, managed financial analysis, and bridged the gaps between companies and nonprofit organizations in a variety of ways. Today, Melody leads Write On’s entire grants department, analyzing efficiency, capacity planning, and managing a diverse team of fundraisers.

Jace Pavlik headshot

Jace Pavlik

Jace Pavlik is an experienced manager with years in leadership, employee relations, and customer service. Jace is currently studying for his master’s in Business at Oklahoma State University. Prior to joining Write On Fundraising, Jace worked as general manager of Topeca Coffee for over four years.

Laura Orwig Headshot

Laura Orwig

Laura is a communications professional with years of experience in content creation, channel management, and strategy implementation. Laura has her Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Nonprofit Management. Prior to joining the Write On team, Laura traveled the country in an RV, vlogging her experience and utilizing social media to promote her brand. In addition, Laura worked with several anti-trafficking nonprofits in improving their communications strategy execution. Now, she travels part-time in her self-converted van, rock climbing across the country with her husband and two cats. 

Lindsay Jordan Headshot

Lindsay Jordan

Lindsay Jordan is the Founder and CEO of Write On Fundraising, a fundraising firm that exclusively serves nonprofits throughout the country. Lindsay has a Master’s in Nonprofit Management and is a three-time Certified Fund Raising Executive. In addition, in 2020 and 2021, Lindsay was recognized as a Most Admired CEO by The Journal Record and named the “Small Business Person of the Year” by the Tulsa Regional Chamber in 2021.

Prior to founding Write On Fundraising, Lindsay worked in executive fundraising roles for several large nonprofits including the Alzheimer’s Association, YWCA, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. With more than $100 million raised for worthy causes, Lindsay works to build capacity for nonprofits and is deeply committed to developing upstream fundraising methodologies that bring greater equity to philanthropy.

Lindsay lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with her husband, Aaron, and two young children, Oliver and Leo. When she’s not fundraising and speaking, she can usually be found curled up with a good book, hiking with her family, or trying her hand at a new recipe.